life changing experience
SpermWhales Islands
World of whales of the Kingdom of Tonga

swimming / freediving / photography and video
with humbpack whales
Eua Island
3 - 9 october

6 night
( 5 days exits to the ocean in search of whales )
double accommodation in a separate house
secluded oceanfront hotel with sunset views
5000 $
the price includes:

• 6 night - double occupancy in a room with private bathroom
• all quality meals cooked fresh by one of Tonga's best chefs
• transfer: hotel-Marina-hotel
• 5 full days (typically 7 hour days) swimming and observing humpback whales
• snorkeling equipment, cargo
• lunch and water, tea and coffee on Board
• expert whale swim guides and Marine Biologist on board.
• a half day land tour to see spectacular caves, cliffs and wild brumby's
• flight or ferry transfers : Tongatapu - EUA - Tongataputhe

price does not include:

• inernational air flight
• insurance
trip plan:
day 1 (03.10) - flight to the island of stay - check-in at the hotel - departure to the ocean in search of whales
(half day)
days 2,3 (05/04/10) - trips to the ocean in search of whales
day 4 (06.10) - day off: in the morning - land excursion around the island,
in the second - personal time - freediving on a local reef - relaxation
days 5,6 (07.10,08.10) - trips to the ocean in search of whales
day 7 (9.10) - in the first half of the day - a possible additional trip to the ocean in search of whales
(half day) - departure from the hotel - flight to the main island
end of the program
the EUA (Tonga - 'Eua) - island in the archipelago of the Kingdom of Tonga is located 18 km away from the capital island
This is a very popular destination amongst whale enthusiasts, conservationists and avid photographers alike. Eua is one of the most productive and rewarding places to swim with humpback whales in the world. Eua is renowned for its exceptionally clear water and abundance of whales, and with only a few operators it is a hidden gem in the Kingdom.
... and into the ocean i go to lose my mind and find my soul
- we go in search of sperm whales in proven places of their permanent habitat
12 - 19 & 19 - 26

price :
(prepayment 2000 $)
7 nights accommodation (double occupancy, 3*)
7 days of trips to the ocean in search of whales
snack on the boat
two to three excursions in the afternoon
WiFi and discount at local pizzeria
international flight
I invite you to join a trip in which you will have the opportunity to swim with sperm whales - in a place - the only one in the Indian Ocean - where these whales are found all year round!
there - off the western coast - in families - several dozen individuals live - mostly females, their offspring and young animals - ranging in size from 6 to 12 meters
their main source of food is squid, the abundance of which keeps them here
if we're lucky, we'll also find large males who visit the island twice a year for the purpose of procreation
These ocean tramps are real giants!
up to 20 meters - ash-gray skin - all covered in scars - real Moby Dicks!
this is a week-long trip and during all seven days we will be looking for sperm whales to dive with them
you will have the opportunity to take pictures or shoot your own video of the largest toothy predator on the planet
There are two types of whale encounters that we typically encounter during these trips:
1. Sperm whales - in search of food - dive deep and can hold their breath for almost an hour! returning to the surface to breathe, they rest for no more than ten to fifteen minutes - during this time we have the opportunity to notice their fountains - swim up without disturbing - jump into the water and see whales
More often than not, whales don't want to communicate and just look at us and leave...
These are wild animals in the open ocean and there is no guarantee that they will allow us to approach them - however, some of the local specimens are very curious and allow us to spend a few minutes with them before diving back into the depths
2. when the whales finish hunting, they gather in large family groups - to sleep or play - these are the DREAM meetings we are looking for and if the whales are in the mood - we can spend a lot of time with them
searching for sperm whales that are socializing is our goal for which we came
There are only 5 guests on the boat with me
how to behave when in contact with whales, based on the behavior of the animals themselves and what are the best moments for photography - I'll tell you and advise you in the process - if necessary, I'll take a photo as a souvenir for you too!
trip plan:
Day 1
arrival at Mauritius airport (MRU) - transfer to the hotel (about 40 minutes on the way) - check-in - getting to know the area, in the evening we will discuss the plan for the morning
the next 7 days are days of going out into the ocean - in any weather!
The time of entering the ocean is determined by the captain:
if the start is at 6:30 - we get up at 6:00 - we prepare breakfast ourselves and - to the boat
if the start is at 10:30, there is time to sleep and have breakfast in some cafe
every day is different on the water - sometimes we find whales quickly,
sometimes it may take several hours
meetings - can last a few seconds or hours - when these giants rest near the surface
after lunch, every other day, depending on the weather, 2-3 times, we will make trips to island attractions: lighthouse at sunset - waterfalls - national parks
- let's climb to the top of the island with a magnificent view!
Day 7
Having dived in the first half of the day - we collect and pack our equipment - we check out, we say goodbye - we hug with new friends - it's time to go home...
or - continue exploring the island according to your program!
water/air temperature: + 26 - 27 C˚ /+ 25 - 30˚ C
Russian citizens do not require a visa
currency exchange - at the airport - upon arrival, taxi to the place from $70
WiFi at your residence and discount at a local restaurant
Equipment recommended is a wetsuit (2mm),
mask, snorkel, fins (the operator has used standard ones) for freedivers - belt and weights

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    traveling in recent years, I found a few places where I would like to return with the company of friends and associates and Tonga, of course , one of them ...
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