- we go in search of sperm whales in proven places of their permanent habitat
April - September

cost : 3500 €

included in the price :
- 7 nights stay
- 5 trips to the ocean in search of whales

the price does not include :
- international flight
- insurance
- food
- possible additional days out in the ocean ( 350 € per person )

... we live simply, we eat independently
in the first half of the day-looking for whales ( 4-5 hours ), in the second-exploring the island on a rented transport: national parks, waterfalls, endless beaches, surfing, Windsurfing, kitesurfing ... local rum)

location: Indian ocean
water/air temperature : +25 +28 C

PRICE : $6500

(advance payment 3500 $)
Dominica is the most famous place in the world for encounters with sperm whales - whales live here all year round.
the coastal waters of the island are deep and are also a food base for at least
six different cetacean species observed on a regular basis

included in cost :
• 7 nights accommodation in a double hotel room
• license to swim with sperm whales from the local ministry
• rent a boat for 6 days of going to the ocean
• licensed local guide

not included in the price:
- air tickets,
- insurance
- food
- tips for the crew

travel plan :
Day 1 - arrival at Dominica airport (DOM) - transfer to Roseau - hotel check-in
Day 2-7 (6 days) - every morning we go out into the ocean (depending on the weather) and look for
sperm whales - quickly or it will take hours - meetings can be both short - when these giants rise only for a breath of air - and - last for hours - when whales socialize in groups
Day 8 - check out from the hotel, transfer to the airport, flight home

there are two airports in Dominica: ours - Douglas-Charles (DOM), (formerly known as Melville Hall) is located on the northeastern side of the island about an hour from the capital of Roseau, where a convenient flight arrives for us

World of whales of the Kingdom of Tonga

swimming / freediving / photography and video
with humbpack whales
desert island...
uninhabited beaches ...
the lava shore ...
coconut grove...
sunsets. .
dawns. .
and - an ocean around !
hospitable-open-good-natured people ...
simple and hearty meal ...
the tranquility of the Kingdom of Tonga will conquer you !

This Paradise, located in the South Pacific ocean, will be captivated by its small coral Islands, colorful lagoons and reefs, endless white sandy beaches, sun-drenched and decorated with coconut palms…

The capital is the city of Nukualofa, there is not a single industrial enterprise, so despite the fact that it is the main city of the country, it is unusually quiet and cozy, and the green coastline and beautiful scenery only add color.

A unique feature of the Islands is the opportunity to swim with humpback whales right in the open ocean - every year it is here that the migration routes of humpback whales from Antarctica. Here females give birth and grow their young, and this place is considered to be the best in the world to observe humpback whales in their natural habitat
The population of humpback whales living here, as if on vacation, spend most of their time sleeping, singing and making love.
From July to October, these giants ( adult reaches 13-15 meters ) have offspring and mothers with baby remain in shallow water between the numerous Islands of the archipelago until they grow up and are ready to move to the other side of the globe..

The average body length of a newborn baby humpback whale - 4.5 m, weight - from 700 kg to 2 tons.
The period of milk feeding lasts up to 10 - 11 months, although the calf can feed on its own at the age of 6 months, during this period it grows up to 8-9 m and weighs about 9 tons.
During the day, the whale consumes about 40-45 kg of milk fat content of under 50 % although the mother is not eating , and is only concerned with the education and training your child skills and tricks which come in handy in adult life ... The calf stays with the mother up to a year, sometimes up to 2 years.

The government of the Kingdom strictly regulates this type of tourism, which is gaining popularity in the world every season - only a licensed operator can swim with whales, on a licensed boat, with a licensed guide ...
Operators are mainly from Australia and new Zealand , guides-often local, trained or the same Australians. There are specialists in whales and marine biologists.
Boats are small, low noise and low speed, designed for a maximum of 8 people, not counting the guide and skipper.
In the water with a guide can be simultaneously a maximum of four people
when you go out into the ocean, it can take 15 minutes and three hours before the guide finds a suitable whale - most often a female with a calf, which during the day sleeps for 15-20 minutes, plunging 15-20 meters or even hanging upside down and exposing the tail to the surface.. the baby is not yet able to hold their breath for more than two or three minutes and constantly float. When the guide sees that the whale then again up in the same place several times, the group jumps into the water and follow the guide - usually 100-150 meters swim, and quiet swim within sight and stopping giving the female to get used to the unwelcome invasion ... often the female felt the presence of outsiders takes the whale to the other place, the group returned to the boat
and it all starts again but when the female - she is sleeping half of the brain and one of her eyes at this time, open monitoring environment - feels the threat the visitors pose - remains at the same place and allows the inquisitive child to get acquainted with strange creatures closer and then - going over everything and go to the other side of the earth - the whale as ... puppy! happy rushes met - gathers around them - waving his arms - wags his tail - tries to poke a warm wet nose - blowing bubbles and sticks to scratch striped warm the tummy ! sports - jumps - tail slaps and flipper - like hands ...
such moments are remembered for a lifetime!

So at this time, you can often find the female sometimes with a calf, accompanied by one, two or even three adult males ( the locals call them escorts) court its view of the future - and sing!
humpback whales are famous for their vocal repertoire, which plays an important role in the breeding season the Song of the male humpback consists of a series of frequency-modulated sounds and "phrases" in the range of 40-5000 Hz, which lasts from 6 to 35 minutes; can be repeated for several hours and even days

whale songs, like good Blues , take your soul and permeate through - making vibrate every cell of your body!!!

14 - 21 September

Tongatapu (TBU)

7 nights
( 5 days - exits to the ocean in search of whales )

double accommodation in a 4 star hotel room
3500 €

the price includes:
• 7 night - double occupancy in a room with private bathroom
( single occupancy surcharge: 650 € )
• breakfast
• wi-fi
• transfer: hotel-Marina-hotel
• rent a boat to go out to the ocean for 5 days
• snorkeling equipment, cargo
• lunch, water, tea and coffee on Board
• licensed local guide

the price does not include:
• air flight
• insurance
• lunches on days free from going to sea, dinners
Tongatapu is the largest island in the Tongatapu group of the archipelago of the Tonga Islands (or Friendship Islands) in the southwestern Pacific ocean
origin-raised Atoll
a unique place where the whole season is painted under the Australian freedivers led by their champion Adam Stern and freediving with whales the most Depest Man of the planet Alexey Molchanov
Photograph: lee Scott / Unsplash

7 - 14
14 - 21


6 night
( 5 days of them-exits to the ocean in search of whales )
double accommodation in a separate house
secluded oceanfront hotel with sunset views
3500 €

the price includes:
• 6 night - double occupancy in a room with private bathroom
• all quality meals cooked fresh by one of Tonga's best chefs
• transfer: hotel-Marina-hotel
• full days (typically 7 hour days) swimming and observing humpback whales in the peak of the season
• snorkeling equipment, cargo
• lunch and water, tea and coffee on Board
• licensed local guide
• a half day land tour to see spectacular caves, cliffs and wild brumby's
• T-shirt and hat.
• flight or ferry transfers : Tongatapu - EUA - Tongataputhe

price does not include:
• inernational air flight
• insurance
the EUA (Tonga - 'Eua) - island in the archipelago of the Kingdom of Tonga is located 18 km away from the capital island
This is a very popular destination amongst whale enthusiasts, conservationists and avid photographers alike. Eua is one of the most productive and rewarding places to swim with humpback whales in the world. Eua is renowned for its exceptionally clear water and abundance of whales, and with only a few operators it is a hidden gem in the Kingdom.
3 - 11 August
17 - 25 August
31 August - 8 September
14 - 22 September


8 nights
( 7 days of them-going out to the ocean in search of whales )
double accommodation in rooms with private bathroom
price included :
• 8 nights -- double occupancy
• transfer from and to the airport
• food
* rent a boat to go to the ocean for 7 days
* licensed local guide
* snorkeling equipment
* lunch and water, tea and coffee on Board
* morning yoga
* freediving
* visit to the village and have a traditional lunch with a local family

price does not include:
• air travel ( international and local)
• insurance
* freediving course ( optional-for those who want to learn the basics or improve their level )
... and into the ocean i go to lose my mind and find my soul
for true romantics and travelers
having a long-range planning horizon

price on request, booking for a year or two, full prepayment
( season: July-October )

( maximum of 8 people )

included :
- 8 days / 8 nights stay in emergency tents
( 4 double tents ) with shared toilet and hot and cold shower
- 3 meals a day
- 4 days of swimming with whales
- transfer to and from the island of residence

( maximum of 6 people )

included :
- 6 days / 5 nights in cabins for two
- 3 meals a day
- swimming with whales every day!
Expedition to the volcano island

3 - 5 days
duration depends on weather and ocean conditions

price: upon request
Tofua island is part of the Haapai archipelago group of Islands
remote and uninhabited it consists of a sunken cone in the crater which formed a lake of an emerald color to a depth of 500 meters and a new postcategory nebolshogo cone volcano with fumarole activity inside which rhythmically rumbles erupting bursts of lava and the smell serovodoroda
Why Tonga ?
In the world of adventure and diving, Tonga is one of those destinations that have yet to be discovered.
This remote location is one of the few in the world where the government issues a limited number of permits that allow people to swim with humpback whales of the southern hemisphere and photograph them directly in the open ocean.
Every year, humpback whales of the southern hemisphere leave their feeding grounds in Antarctica and swim in the tropical waters of Tonga to mate and give birth. They like shallow protected waters between Islands for feeding and deeper waters for mating.
The Kingdom government has wisely realized the value of humpback whales that come every year and are a resource for eco-tourism and the money they bring to local communities in the form of Charter fees, Souvenirs, restaurants, hotels, taxis and taxes

The Kingdom of Tonga is an island Pacific state in Polynesia, located on 177 Islands of the archipelago of the same name with a total area of 748 km2.
The coastline is 419 km long.
It borders : in the North with the waters of Samoa, on the East by the waters of Niue, the West waters of Fiji.
The population of the country a little more than 100000 people.
Capital - Nuku'alofa
how to get there
through Australia, New Zealand, USA or Fiji

The order of the day on the water :

a day out in the ocean to look for whales starts .. a hearty Breakfast!
and - pills against motion sickness - for peace of mind )
8-30 group picked up from the hotel - take a boat - check all the proper necessary equipment - mask - flippers - dress - goods - missing operator is trying to provide .. then we move out in search of whales focusing on the weather - when in shallow water to the reefs, when - to the depth - in open water - look out for whales with the whole team and finding - guide whale watching for a while and decides - our client or - do not waste time on it ) when the whale or whales stop or swim in the same area - the first group of 4 tourists with a guide jump into the water and swims to the whale - stopping at a distance waiting - will leave the whale or show interest and desire to get acquainted swim up himself
if whale goes away - the group returns to the boat and starts all over again if whale contacts and playing 10-20 minutes - group change - guide at this time is with whale - so as long as the whale stays in one place but no longer permitted by the rules 90 minutes
in the middle of the day - stop for lunch - by boat or landing on a desert island
then again - search for whales
according to the rules from the boat to the sea before returning to the port should not take more than 7 hours-so after 15-00 the boat is sent to the side of the house and to 16-00 all unloaded on the pier and transported to the hotel

Age: 10 +
it is not necessary to be able to dive or even swim!
whale watching takes place in the mode of snorkeling-from the surface, and a wetsuit or life jacket will reliably ensure your positive buoyancy
bring with you
• Passport, printed tickets
• Sunscreen
• Headpiece , jacket , some dramamine ( not indifferent)
• Fins, mask, snorkel, wetsuit
weather conditions
• temperature of water in the ocean is about 23 - 25 degrees
• the temperature around 25 - 27 degrees
• a visa is not required to visit the Kingdom of Tonga
prepayment : 50% of the cost
non-refundable Deposit
the second 50 % is paid three months before the start date of the trip
return is possible only in the presence of a spare wishing

Like swimming with a whale ...
This is serious experience ... Expensive, far away, a very long time to go.
In end - incredibly. For all of you who tell me.
This is probably the strongest impression in 30 years.
It is important what is the goal set. Options mass, from whale whatching from a boat, when first in the distance someone sees a fountain or splash, shouting to everyone, "Blow!!!"and the boat turns there and here you see too. The anticipation is overwhelming. You theoretically know that they're huge and powerful and curious. Those for whom you have 3 days flew, barely slept and now in a wetsuit sitting on the boat waiting for a miracle. Tensely peering into the boundless blue, where at any moment the horizon can break through the fountain of spray, and you realize that IT is he who breathes there.
It is important what is the goal set. Options mass, from whale whatching from a boat, when first in the distance someone sees a fountain or splash, shouting to everyone, "Blow!!!"and the boat turns there and here you see too. The anticipation is overwhelming. You theoretically know that they're huge and powerful and curious. Those for whom you have 3 days flew, barely slept and now in a wetsuit sitting on the boat waiting for a miracle. Tensely peering into the boundless blue, where at any moment the horizon can break through the fountain of spray, and you realize that IT is he who breathes there.
Often whales are interested in a boat and swim up to look at it. Then you can see their shadows and huge silhouettes - very close. My friends had an incredible experience on the first day, when several young whales became so interested in the boat that they literally looked overboard, leaning out of the water almost half. It's amazing how they do it. Generally humpback whales are extremely playful and high guys. Love to spin, fool around, play. Reference: only 3 powerful flick of the tail and he jumps over the water, and with a deafening splash and splashes flopping back. It is easy to find videos where 15 meter adult whales jump out entirely.
You look at it from the side, you dream of a personal meeting, and the hands themselves pull fins. You're in! He swam away. And so it may take a day or two. No guarantees were given. Wildlife is unpredictable. Or maybe you're lucky and kitenok, who was born a couple of months (weeks) ago became interested in people. And his mom doesn't mind. Then they together, or the kid one, can swim to take a look at the people who jumped from the boat. Near and far, as lucky. Timidly at first, then bolder and bolder, and if all goes well, a miracle will happen. Mom will hang at a depth of 20-30m NAP, about 15 minutes,
allowing the baby to frolic with people. And here, a few quintals of enthusiasm and curiosity in 5 meters of energy and fun, already rushing at you! Right in the forehead! First you get lost, you get shy with excitement. Some are afraid of a collision, but it does not happen. Kitenok at the last moment a little change of direction - he wants to see everything closer. Its large eye and lively, absolutely conscious look that it makes my skin crawl. HE LOOKS AT ME. Again and again. Peepers process is not limited. At the same time he shows himself. Spinning, slapping his tail, waving his fins, flips. That's all
these somersaults newborn babies get up right among floating people. There are rules. Do not come closer than 5 metres, not diving after him, not to touch. BUT. Dodging the raging kitten useless. If he wants to swim, you can't keep your distance, even if you want to. Many are afraid to get fin or tail in the heat of the game. Received all and were happy. Surprisingly, but the kid playing perfectly calculates the strength and trajectory. He doesn't want to hurt anyone. Maybe touch it. And these are moments of happiness. Still happiness, when you already help and"got used to it." And the whale dives to you, and you dive with him, and you swim TOGETHER. ENJOYING EACH OTHER 100%. THE HERE AND NOW. These seconds are priceless. When they're behind you, you can't even tell how long it's been. It was a moment of eternity. Truths. Complete, unlimited buzz that you came here.
Ms. Mermaid
" Southern Right Whale underwater Photo Tour "

Valdez Peninsula


10 nights stay
8 days-rent a boat to go to the ocean
Day 1-photo tour on the coast to sea elephants
collective transfer from the local airport and back
official permission for each photographer
group : 6 people
ONLY-professional photographers!
( confirmation of participation-after the host reviews Your portfolio and links to publications )

price: 7,500 €


striped Marlin, sea lions, killer whales, humpback whales, gray whales, dolphins, sharks, mobulas, Mola Mola

STRIPED MARLIN - a species that lives in the tropical and temperate latitudes of the Indian and Pacific oceans-a trophy and commercial fish with a record weight of 190 kg and a maximum length of 4.2 m
The striped Marlin is a predator that hunts during the day in the upper layers of water, often near the surface - recently very popular and as a fashion model-more and more photos of hunting this fast-moving fish appear in various thematic competitions
every day we will look for striped Marlin hunting sardine baitballs : the action can last from a few seconds to half an hour or even several hours - we will try to follow them and dive, but this is an open ocean and you will need to be prepared for any surprises-from humpback whales, killer whales, sharks, dolphins, mobulas, Mola Mola, sea turtles-to feeding waterfowl
small boats - 6 people of tourists + local guide-equipped only with a tent-captains are experienced - took part in the shooting of Doc movies for TV-exit in the morning at 7-8 and return-16-17 hours
water temperature 23-25
the approximate duration of the trip is two weeks-maximum: 7 days of trips to the ocean + two days for arrival and departure + two days for a round-trip flight ...

cost :


"Mr. Tonga"

traveler - photographer - freediver
traveling in recent years, I found a few places where I would like to return with the company of friends and associates and Tonga, of course , one of them ...
Tonga, Mauritius, Dominika, Mexico, French polynesia, Australia, Sri Lanka, Norway
whale, humpback whale, cachalot, sperm whale,orca
freediving, freediving with whales, snorkling, swimming, diving, underwater photo
travel, adventure, experience, encounter

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